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Cabinet Cope & Pattern Sets (3/4" to 1-1/8" material) 

1/2" Depth of Pattern Cabinet sets (Deeper Profile Cabinet Sets) 

Double Sided Cabinet Sets  

Double Sided (Entry & Passage) Door Sets

Substitute standard center groovers  to achieve desired tongue and groove dimensions for any of our Cope & Pattern Sets, including split groover sets to compensate for spindle alignment issues.

3/4" Material

5/8" Material

1/2" Material

Back Cutter for Raised Panel (3/4" Material)

Trim Cutter for Raised Panel

Standard Door Edge Detail Cutters

Bevel Cutters

32mm Hinge System  (Top & Bottom Cutter Profiles*)

*bottom cutter profiles can be viewed in each top cutter description)

Window Sash Cutter


Window Sill Cutter

Please visit our custom tooling page to submit an inquiry for pricing and lead times. We specialize in creating the perfect tooling for everything from historical recreations to modern, individualized designs.