About Freeborn Tool

Since 1975, Freeborn Tool Co., Inc. has maintained a focus on making tools that perfectly fit the needs of its customers in the woodworking and manufacturing industries.

From the beginning,  a high level of precision and customization was understood through the careful design of patented machinery to build and create shaper profiles. Soon after, the demand shifted for Freeborn to make cutting tools as well, opening the door for the hundreds of stock cutters and virtually limitless number of custom tools we are proudly known for today.

As one of the first tooling manufacturers to offer both carbide and alloy tipping to our cutters, we maintain a drive to stay ahead of the curve, looking past industry fads that only add to the price, not the value. While hand turning of cutter bodies and using manual machines to grind profiles have been substituted for more advanced equipment, our facility employs the highest standard of American engineering and craftsmanship, using 5 axis CNC milling and grinding equipment to ensure exact repeatability cutter after cutter.


All Freeborn tooling goes through a stringent, multi-step quality assurance program to ensure accuracy, balance, and a perfect fit every time.

Unlike some of its competitors, Freeborn cutter sets are not simply six cutters pulled from a shelf and packaged.  Using optical comparators to individually match sets, customers can confidently achieve their desired results without manufacturing defects or transition lines.


We offer brazed shaper cutters, insert cutters, spiral surfacing cutters, router bits, custom tooling, and options for CNC tooling – all proudly made in the USA.  If you don’t see the information you need on this site, please feel free to reach out to our sales and customer service team.