Top Cutter Profile


Door Edge Detail (32 mm / European Hinge System)

Combined with bottom cutter*, cuts 3/4″ to 7/8″ material    

This description and corresponding part number is for top cutter only. 

Manufactured with a 15° shear to produce optimum cuts both with and across grain.

*Designed to nest and run with  any of the following bottom cutters: MC-57-181, MC-57-182, MC-57-183, MC-57-184, MC-57-185. (see profiles below) Please allow 2-3 days for matching and assembly to guarantee no transition lines between top and bottom cutters.  

Wings 3
Diameter (minor) 2-1/16″
Bore 3/4″
Rotation counter clockwise, wood face up


Opposite rotation available (add 20% to suggested list price)

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