Our cope and pattern sets are designed with versatility in mind. Reconfigure your to perform the three functions shown below. No fence adjustment should be necessary when changing between cope and pattern cuts if you are using the standard groovers to cut a 1/4″ X 3/8″ tongue. 


Problems related to the fit of a joint are often misdiagnosed as machine or tooling issues. In eased edge sets, a common problem occurs when cutters are improperly stacked wing-to-wing. Make sure the tips of the center groover are in the gullet of the cutters above and below to ensure the groover is not bent when the set is tightened down on the spindle. 






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Many problems related to a poor fit or deviation from a pattern on a shaper have the same problem – a misaligned spindle. 

Always be sure your spindle is square to the table to ensure accuracy and reliability of your cutters. You can follow these steps to check for any alignment issues: 

1. Unplug the machine and remove the fence and cutter(s). 

2. Raise the spindle to its highest position and clamp a 12-18″ steel straight edge between the collars of the spindle. 

3. Lower the spindle until the straight edge almost touches the table top. 

4. Rotate the spindle by hand observing the gap between the table top and the straight edge. if the gap is not uniform, the spindle shaft is misaligned. You may need to shim the spindle cartridge to correct the alignment or contact the shaper’s manufacturer for their recommendation. 

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