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  Since the 1970’s, Freeborn Tool Co. has been a leading manufacturer of tooling for the woodworking industry.  Throughout the years, Freeborn has become known for the quality of their cutters as well as ability to make tooling to fit the woodworker’s requirements.  We were one of the first cutter manufacturers to offer both carbide and alloy tipping to their cutters.

  As the industry has progressed, Freeborn has kept up with technology.  Hand turning of bodies has been replaced with 5 axis machining centers and CNC milling centers.  No longer are profiles ground using manual profile machines.  Instead, state of the art Walter grinders are used for all profiles, ensuring exact repeatability cutter after cutter.

  All Freeborn cutters go through a stringent quality assurance program throughout the manufacturing process.  Multiple checks throughout the production process ensure accuracy, balance and a perfect fit every time.  As an example, unlike some of our competition, our Cope and Pattern sets are not just six cutters pulled from the shelf.  Each set is individually matched on an optical comparator to guarantee the proper fit.

  We offer brazed shaper cutters, insert cutters, spiral inserts, router bits, custom tooling, and tool holders for CNC tooling.  If you don’t see what you need here, give us a call and we will help you find it.

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